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trip to morocco
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05 de Febrero, 2001 · Morocco Camel ride

Morocco Camel ride

This is travel company of South Morocco managed by Berbers..our tarject is organizing travel arroundthe charming Morocco.Our sevices is visiting the famous imperial cities and excursions by 4 x 4 land rover an Camel order cities and the huge desert of sand dunes.

Our sevices is visiting the famous imperial cities and excursions by 4x4 land rover an Camel order cities and the huge desert of sand dunes.

Our duty is to shoz you the cities which was the main act of moroccan history like Marrakech,Rabat;Casablanca;Fez; Meknes and Tanger

when we decide tomake a trip to Morocco;please do not hesitate to contact us and we will informe you about as soon as possible.

welcome to

We are ready to propose a journey as it is planed in our website, we are dedicated to organizing trips in the desert and the most knowen of Moroccan towns We are in Taboumyate, a village belonging to the Tafilalet Valley at the foot of the dunes of Erg Chebbi, from Merzouga to Khamlia. It is full of amazing, magical, exciting, mysterious and treasured places.

... The tour is planed depending of your tastes and economies.You find in it everything you need to travel to Morocco, mainly Merzouga and provide the means to meet him. The treatment will be personalized with many years of experience in the world of tourism. We want your trip to be a unique and unforgettable experience that's why we put at your disposal a wide variety of routes, excursions,during your visit to Morocco and a posibilit o have a walk on foot or camels in the desert of sand dunes in Merzouga.

On this website you will find information and reservations when you check point easily to choose the number of nights and cities is that you can make your trip to your measure, We will adapt ourselves to what you choose. Only it is enough that you put the budget;and we will offer you a tour which can be guaranteed from a minimum of 4 person. In the case of only one person or a couple decide to travel , we will make adjustment to adapt to your whiches.

Our services include pick up and return from the airport or a city chosen; private transport.(4x4, LandRover, tourism, minibus ) Driver-guide.

accommodation in hotel or bivouac (Berber tents campment)...Excursions by camels and walks through the dunes of erg-Chebbi.

Visit and write your personal opinion, because we need to improve the quality of our services.

Please send us your questions and points of interest or suggestions; we want to serve you better.

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